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Stage 2 of the Herzliya Tayelet / Walkway / Promenade, is underway. It’s important to note that unlike the Southern Tayelet near the Marina (which is great!), the Dabush and Zvulun beaches are not protected by breakwaters.  As such, we have 3 main objections to the plan:

  1. It’s too wide!  A 7-17m Tayelet on a 20-35m beach effectively halves the available beach space. In some places, only 4m of dry sand will remain between the concrete and the sea.  (See The New Beach)
  2. Permanent environmental damage!  Just like on other beaches in Israel, concrete construction on the beach sands will cause massive soil erosion, resulting in the disappearance of most of the remaining beach.  (See the report)
  3. Barely legal!  The Herzliya municipality effectively approved it’s own plans, neglecting to consult national planning committees and environmental experts, as required.  No environmental survey has been done to assess damage to the beach.

We call for an immediate annulment of the current plan, and for the repair of damages caused.  Any new plan must go through all the regular channels, be sensitive to the width of the beach, and be built in a way that will minimize it’s impact on the environment.

New to the site?  Check out the New Beach page to see what we’re talking about, sign the petition, and visit our Facebook page (Hebrew) for regular updates.

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Professional Opinion from Dr Yaakov Nir

Dr Yaakov Nir
Geological Sea and Beach Consultant

Professional Opionion
Promenade on “Zvulun Beach”, North of the Marina

The “Herzliya Municipal Tourism Development Company” has started works on the beach, apparently to build a promenade at the back of the sandy beach “Zvulun”, north of the Herzliya Marina, to the length of 500m.  This is according to building permit 20110290 that was given to me.

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The Development Co’s Illustrations

Recently, the Herzliya Municipal Development Company published illustrations showing “how beautiful the new walkway will look”.  Once again, the company is knowingly disseminating false information, in order to try influence the public.  (See our article on How wide is the beach?)

In the pictures, you see a beautiful promenade leaving a gigantic beach with lots of sand alongside it.  Who would be against such a beautiful walkway?  If the final walkway really would look like this, we’d support it (as long as it was built in a way to minimize environmental impact).  But there are a few serious problems with these pictures:

Firstly, they have completely painted over the bottom part of the Okeanos Hotel, and completely wiped out the Sea Scouts compound (see right), thereby placing the walkway much further back than what is physically possible.  On the left side, we took the original picture, and moved their walkway illustration closer to the beach to fix the mistake, while still keeping it as far back as possible, and we already see a much smaller beach than what the Company is trying to sell us.

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So just how wide is the beach?

The Municipality is claiming that the new walkway will not infringe on the beaches’ sands.  A big part of this claim revolves around the fact that, according to them, the width of the beach is 65m.  We say 20m.  So someone here is lying.  We’ll present to you all the facts we’ve found on the matter and let you decide for yourselves who you want to trust.

What the Municipality is Claiming

In the Walkway Presentation (Hebrew), the following picture (from page 2) shows the beach opposite the Daniel Hotel at 55m, opposite the Okeanos 65m, and opposite the Cliff Towers 40m.

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Letter from the Minister of Environmental Protection

You download a scan of the original letter in Hebrew in PDF format here.

The Minister of Environmental Protection

2 August, 2012

Mrs Yael German
Mayor of Herzliya

Dear Madame,

Re: The Boardwalk at Zvulun, Herzliya

I write to you following residents’ requests regarding the boardwalk currently being built at the above beach.  Following an examination by professionals from my Ministry, and from data the applicants brought to me, I am of the opinion that the building permit for the Zvulun Boardwalk is incredibly problematic. Continue reading “Letter from the Minister of Environmental Protection” »

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Our response to the Municipality

The Urban Company for the Development of Tourism in Herzliya, that is leading the project, had the following to say:  “It makes no sense that a loud gang will prevent the legitimate right from the broad public, including the disabled, parents with prams and the elderly to enjoy a free excursion, on a pleasant walkway next to the beach”.

Our Response

And here is our response to these claims…

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The Beach March 28.07.12

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