Our response to the Municipality

The Urban Company for the Development of Tourism in Herzliya, that is leading the project, had the following to say:  “It makes no sense that a loud gang will prevent the legitimate right from the broad public, including the disabled, parents with prams and the elderly to enjoy a free excursion, on a pleasant walkway next to the beach”.

Our Response

And here is our response to these claims…

“The Disabled…”

To Whom in May Concern,

My name is Reut, an ex-surfer, and today, although I don’t like to define myself as such, disabled and mobile only with a wheelchair.  As such, I’ll allow myself to speak on behalf of the disabled population when I say: it’s an absolute disgrace (chutzpah) for the Mayor’s spokesperson to justify the construction of this natural disaster in our name!!!!  There are a million alternative ways to increase accessibility to the beach without destroying it in such an awful way.  As a disabled person, who loves the sea, I would never support such a destructive plan, not even for a moment.

I’ll add and say to the mayor’s spokesperson that before (and a lot before!) you destroy OUR (!!!!) natural treasures “for the sake of the disabled”, maybe you should make the city’s roads more accessible!!
Regards and have a nice day
(Disabled surfer)

“Parents with prams…”

“Not on our backs!”  German (Herzliya’s Mayor), don’t destroy Zvulun Beach in our name!

Is this how they teach the PR consultants to write?  I am also a mom with a pram and also one of the “spoilt egotists” you described so eloquently.  I wish people were a tenth as spoilt and egotistical as those who marched for the beach.  I’m sorry that this is the education that you bestow on your children in the name of your work.  I manage just fine with a pram on the beach, thank you very much.  Don’t speak in in my name and don’t call me names.  When they have nothing clever to say, they resort to rhetoric, when they have nothing clever to say, they resort to derogatory name calling of anyone who has a different opinion to them.  And since I saw you like to quote the sages, on a day like today that was dedicated to free love, I’ll end with “love your neighbour as yourself”.

“The elderly…”

And where will this faithful old man sit when there is no more beach?  Already the municipality has imprisoned him.

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