So just how wide is the beach?

The Municipality is claiming that the new walkway will not infringe on the beaches’ sands.  A big part of this claim revolves around the fact that, according to them, the width of the beach is 65m.  We say 20m.  So someone here is lying.  We’ll present to you all the facts we’ve found on the matter and let you decide for yourselves who you want to trust.

What the Municipality is Claiming

In the Walkway Presentation (Hebrew), the following picture (from page 2) shows the beach opposite the Daniel Hotel at 55m, opposite the Okeanos 65m, and opposite the Cliff Towers 40m.

Also in the following soundbite, we hear Mayor Yael German saying: “Let’s dismiss this nonsense of the beach being 20m.  The width the beach ranges from 35m and up to 75m (emphasis hers).”  “We measured the beach; at the narrowest part, it’s 35m, at the widest part 75m, and in between 55m and 45m”.

(07.08.2012) Ecolife with Michal Kaspi

(You can hear the original clip here)

The Reality

So firstly, we went to the municipality’s own website, where there’s a tool to measure distances on an aerial map from 2011.  We measured the beach opposite the Okeanos building, and as you see, we got a result of 18.81 m from dry sand until the cliff.

Even on the website of The Herzliya Municipal Tourism Development Corporation Ltd., which is owned by the Municipality, here you see the following picture which shows Zvulun Beach at just 20m!  (We emphasized the part about Zvulun).

Additionally, in the picture below, you can see (in Hebrew) the minutes of a meeting of the Herzliya Municipal Tourism Development Corporation.  Here you can see that in in their internal meetings, even they know the truth.  “The width of the beach in the new section is very problematic, owing to the fact that it is very narrow in comparison to Stage 1, and it’s width ranges from 20m to 40m“.  (Of course the 40m is the part connected to the existing Tayelet).

But beyond that, we wanted to close this matter once and for all.  We didn’t need a NIS 16m budget, just a NIS 50 tape measure and 20 minutes of effort.  See for yourselves:


Place: Herzliya Municipality: Us:
Opposite the Daniel Hotel 55m 19.5m
Opp. the Okeanos Hotel 65m 22m

So what are your thoughts in this matter?  Who do you believe?

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