The Development Co’s Illustrations

Recently, the Herzliya Municipal Development Company published illustrations showing “how beautiful the new walkway will look”.  Once again, the company is knowingly disseminating false information, in order to try influence the public.  (See our article on How wide is the beach?)

In the pictures, you see a beautiful promenade leaving a gigantic beach with lots of sand alongside it.  Who would be against such a beautiful walkway?  If the final walkway really would look like this, we’d support it (as long as it was built in a way to minimize environmental impact).  But there are a few serious problems with these pictures:

Firstly, they have completely painted over the bottom part of the Okeanos Hotel, and completely wiped out the Sea Scouts compound (see right), thereby placing the walkway much further back than what is physically possible.  On the left side, we took the original picture, and moved their walkway illustration closer to the beach to fix the mistake, while still keeping it as far back as possible, and we already see a much smaller beach than what the Company is trying to sell us.

Obviously, that’s not the end of the story.  Even in our illustration, we still left the Tayelet in the same size and dimensions as in the Company’s illustration.  But if they’re lying about the location, is it not possibly that they’re lying about the dimensions too?  (See our article on How wide is the beach? and see for yourself the controversy about the beach width).

Fortunately, since they have already started the construction work, we already have pictures of the real dimensions of the future walkway, or at least, how close it will get to the sea.   To remind our readers, the path in the photo is actually where the new walkway will reach, according to the purple flags placed there by surveyors.  So again, we took the original illustration and superimposed it in the correct place.  This is the result:

Look how close the water gets (and the wet sand)!  Between the walkway and the water is all that will be left of our beach.

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